A day in the life of a Work Rider

We talk to Rooney, a work rider, to find out what his daily routine involves.

What are your working hours?

The alarm goes off about 6.15am and I am in work for 6.45am. On race days the day can be much longer. Finish time?

 What does your average day entail?

I start work at 6.45am and first I muck out the five horses I look after. I have the same five horses all season and I really am attached to all of mine, I go everywhere with them wherever they run.  At about 7.45am I tack up first lot and pull out at 7.50am. On a Monday we do two canters, Tuesday we do three and Thursday is normally a bit of a quiet day. Afternoon and evening stables? fOn a race day the horses have their breakfast as normal, then travel to the race meeting. I get them to the box, make sure everything is ok with them and then tack them up and take them to the parade ring.

What are your key tasks?

Horse care, riding, taking horses to the races, monitoring the horses’ fitness and giving feedback, schooling horses and working in a team

Why did you get into racing?

I’ve always been into racing since I was a kid.  I get a buzz out of riding racehorses for a living I just love it.

What skills do you need?

Application, balance, commitment, ability to communicate

What are the best and worst things about your job?

When a horse wins a race it’s just brilliant, you won’t get that in an office job. Being at Aintree when our horse won the National, the atmosphere was unreal. There are some bad moments in this job, particularly when a horse gets injured.

What advice do you have for someone considering a career in racing?

If I was to give anyone some advice, fin a nice small yard somewhere local, just get involved, give it a go, see how it feels, if you take to it you take to it