Melanie Dainton

A day in the life of a Stable Staff employee

We talk to Melanie Dainton, a barn leader, to find out what her daily routine involves.

What are your working hours?

5.30am till 12.30 then 4pm till 6pm.

What does your average day entail?

I come in at about 5.30am every morning and feed the horses. I will then put horses on the walker, swim horses, put them on the spa and then bandage their legs. In the afternoon I will check the horses and make up feeds for the afternoon and evening.

What are your key tasks?

Leading a team looking after racehorses, making up and giving feeds, bandaging and checking legs, swimming horses, putting them in the spa, putting horses on the walker.

Why did you get into racing?

Always wanted to since I was little really, I had ridden ponies since I was 15 and worked every weekend at a racing yard, then I went to Newmarket Racing School.

What skills do you need?

Commitment, ability to work hard, organisation, working with a team, determination.

What are the best and worst things about your job?

When you have a big winner, it’s a great buzz for the yard,  just magical. It’s pretty hard in the winter, long hours in the cold and dark.

What advice do you have for someone considering a career in racing?

They should try to get a bit of experience with horses, even if it’s not racehorses, then go to the racing college rather than throw yourself in the deep end.   If you fancy doing it then I’d go for it because it’s a really good job, and if you love horses then it’ll be the right job for you.