Lucinda Dutton

A day in the life of a Racecourse Employee

We talk to Lucinda Dutton, a racecourse employee, to find out what the daily routine of a partnership executiveinvolves.

What are your working hours?

Normally I work 9am to 5pm but on a race day the hours are much longer than this.

What does your average day entail?

On a race day, my job as partnership executive is to look after the sponsors. Each race has sponsors so I’ll be looking after them, bringing them into the parade ring to pick best turned out horse and then watch the race. I also organize the presentation after the race and  bring sponsors in to meet the winning connections after the race. When I’m not at the races I’ll be in the office ensuring everything is ready for the next meeting eg collecting art work, organizing big screens and sorting out big branding. Its very varied. There’s lots of meeting a wide variety people and networking which could lead you on to different careers in the future.

What are your key tasks?

Speaking to sponsors, arranging the trophies, working with the team, sorting out the presentations and office work.

Why did you get into racing?

I’ve always had a passion for horseracing. When you have a job that you can come, do a job and the thing you love at the same time, it’s what it’s all about really.

What skills do you need?

Being a good communicator, organised, able to work in a team and most importantly good people skills.

What are the best and worst things about your job?

Being in the paddock when you have really good horses coming in, meeting owners and trainers that are legends are the highlights of my job.

It can be a bit pressurized for example making sure you can get the sponsors to the paddock in time. But it’s all been OK so far! Obviously, racing goes ahead whether it’s raining or sunny, when it’s rainy it’s not quite so enjoyable.

What advice do you have for someone considering a career in racing?

The best thing I’d say is to try to get some work experience and to try to meet people, it’s all about networking, the more people you meet the more chances you’ve got.