Racewood – New Product – Racetrainer

Racewood is the world’s leading manufacturer of equestrian simulators for rider training and fitness. Professionally recognised and used throughout the world, Racewood offer a range of models for all disciplines; racing, polo, dressage, show jumping and RDA.

Used to enhance performance, correct technique and improve fitness, Racewood’s innovative and state of the art products have helped train jockeys and riders for over 25 years.

Now Racewood are now proud to present their newest model, the Racetrainer;

John Reid and Bill Greenwood smallDesigned in collaboration with leading coaches at the Injured Jockey Fund, this new jockey training equipment promotes the healthy, safe and effective training of professional and amateur jockeys by targeting key muscles, improving core strength and encouraging weight loss and cardiovascular fitness.

Available with a heart rate monitor and tablet to record and track progress, jockeys and instructors can monitor heart rate, assess the recovery period and track anaerobic and aerobic fitness. Ex-flat jockey and IJF coach John Reid is using the Racetrainer to instruct jockeys in the correct technique and posture to improve their performance on the track. UKSCA Accredited S&C Coach Michael Peacock at the IJF however is using the simulator from a therapeutic perspective, offering rehabilitation and fitness training to those looking to build up fitness post injury.

The Racetrainer offers an even more realistic riding position for the rider, whereby the neck and body ‘mechanical motion’ even more accurately reflects the flow and movement of a real horse during a race.

The interactive software that makes this simulator so unique means that research can now be carried out to collect specific data on a rider’s fitness and performance, allowing for key studies into jockey training and fitness; this has already been started by specialist sports science departments at UK Universities as well as by the IJF.
For more information click this link or go to www.racewood.com.