Enjoy horseracing

MayFestival2012_408Cheshire’s two local racecourses at Chester and Bangor-on-Dee attract over 300,000 visitors each year, making a significant impact on the region’s leisure and tourism income. Often the desire to work within a sport comes from the love of the activity itself and with many racedays in the UK offering seasonal work, your next visit to a racecourse could be to work and enjoy being paid for what you enjoy.

Getting the bug starts young and the industry has some great initiatives to encourage young racegoers from The Racing Ahead schools programme to student racedays. Great British Racing promote family activities across racecourses in the UK with support of local racecourses and offer a value for money day out in a friendly and safe environment. Chester Racecourse has a family day annually in August and Roman Day is a popular day out with lots of activities for smaller racegoers. With plenty of dates and locations to choose from, why not find out about a raceday near you soon.